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Now that the lab is in my home, I'll be able to break random stuff for you more often.  We would create short general episodes just to increase the data out there of used gear being tested.  We would share your story about the gear, then snap snap snap.  Below is How NOT to send us gear so we can be efficient and keep making our main episodes.

Step 1: Ask if we can break it

1 - Please send me photos with your email

2 - Tell me why you think it is interesting and worth snapping

3 - Please understand if we say no.  Some things are too stretchy, too strong, offered too often, or we have too many items in the queue.

*Note: We will break your stuff within 30 minutes to 30 days of receiving it.  You will get the data right after we do test it.  We may or may not make an episode with it, sometimes it becomes a stand-alone episode, sometimes it supplements one we are already doing and sometimes it doesn't make it on the channel.

Step 2: Send us your stuff

1 - Please do NOT send us more than we agreed to break.

2 - Please do NOT require a signature on delivery

3 - Please TAPE a note to the item so we can throw the packaging away

4 - ON THE NOTE: Your name, the backstory and what you want tagged (eg: instagram). 

*Note: It's a lot of work to break items, please make it easy.

I will give you an address if I commit to breaking your stuff

Ask A Question

I don't mind answering questions so feel free asking.  Just keep in mind I can answer short questions quickly.  I respond to 90% of my messages and read 100% of them.  Please be kind and help me get back to editing and not stuck on complex emails.

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Contribute Content

This site is a place where you can post your useful content that's worth sharing.  If I can copy and paste it, or just link to something and you tell me where it goes, it's likely it will get shared.  If I have to detail it, edit it, polish it or figure out how to make it congruent with the current content it MIGHT get shared.  I pour an enormous amount of energy into making the best possible content, I ask that you submit something worth 100,000 people reading or watching.  Naturally, I reserve the right not to post what you send.

Submit via email only

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