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How NOT 2 Rig a California Record Highline - 861 meters / Half Mile

This is the story of how the 861m (1/2 mile) long highline rigged earlier this year at Taft point in Yosemite. This gap was eyeballed by many over the years. It was thought to be impossible to tag a line across the chasms and around the large trees between side A and side B. After 5 days of hand tagging (no drones) by 14 people, we rigged the new California record highline in an absolutely beautiful location.


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➜➜➜Handtagging Team: Moises Monterrubio, Daniel monterrubio, Eugen Cepoi, Tom Brown, Jimmy Breiz, Skylar Henderson, Sarah Porter, Jewels Esparza, Ryan Sheridan, Emily May, Steve Griggs, Ryan Robinson, Scott Clifton, Victor Archibeque

➜➜➜Rigging Team: *Tension side: Moises Monterrubio, Jewels Esparza, Steve Griggs, Ryan Jenks, Matthew Mcmillan *Static Side: Daniel Monterrubio, Ryan Sheridan, Kristen Gershkoff, Nick Day, Sarah Porter, Ryan Robinson, Jimmy Breiz

➜➜➜Crossings & Sends: Moises Monterrubio - 5 crossings/ 1st Send Daniel Monterrubio - 6 crossings Eugen Cepoi - 2 crossings/Sent Emily May - 2 crossings Kristen Gershkoff - 1 crossing Nick Day - 3 crossings Tom Brown - 2 crossings Paul Hahler - 1 crossing Scott Clifton - 1 crossing Elliot Kirk - 1 crossing Christian Black - 1 crossing Ryan Robinson - 2 crossings Anthony Robinson - 1 crossing

➜➜➜Webbing Providers: Sean Simmons, Ryan Jenks, Mo & Daniel Monterrubio

➜➜➜Yosemite Park access advocates: Christian Black - park ranger and Ryan Sheridan Get your headbands from


Your Mom highline

Death Triangles are a myth


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