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Climbing cams tested in the drop tower

How do cams fail in a dynamic fall rather than a slow pull tester? We hung our new cam crusher device from the drop tower and tested a few and found out the results are all over the place. Many of these cams came from Timothy Niedmeyer - Thank you. They all broke above MBS and higher than the force you will put on them if you take a whipper. It is nice to see HOW they break, not just the breaking force.

Behind the Scenes

Break test the cams on the drop tower. How hard can that be? We had an amazing adjustable cam crusher crack built by Steve Glotfelty, we had a drop tower and we had some used cams. Well hanging the cam crusher underneath the support bar (that someday might be removed and wasn't part of original design, that's a different story) made us lose a lot of height. We also found out if you attach a rope, even a static rope, that it stretches enough to absorb enough force to not break the cams with 2x 75lb weights lashed together. To free drop more weight requires a different approach. We have to figure out how to keep the weight together, the impact on the ground could damage the drain below and moving the weights around becomes problematic. Its challenging to operate the drop tower with just two people so we have to add complexity slowly. Our next tests will be mounting the drop tower but as you'll see, that lead us to another problem.

See more cam drop test videos as they come out in this preselected FILTER

After Posting Thoughts

Super short and direct to the point edit like this did not get the views and engagement I thought it would. I don't want these videos to be unnecessarily long but youtube likes the 8min mark apparently and suggests it to more people when I do that.

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