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Contaminated climbing ropes - oil, sunscreen, deet and acid

The rope broke in the knot between 17-19kN in all samples except the acid where the contaminate actually was the cause of the breakage around 10kN, which was a lot higher than we thought! Keep acid off your ropes and wear your sunscreen!

Behind the Scenes

This was a highly requested video. What was "nice" is that Larry, whom I rent the lab space from, has plenty of chemicals laying around. Who thought an open barrel of oil would be so handy? I thought it was best to just use the 10mm beal nylon static rope that we use for everything to see if it behaved differently. It didn't, it just made my slacksnap a mess.

After Posting Thoughts

The mob has spoken. We need to soak the ropes in chemicals and let them sit a lot longer. We did let them sit overnight and they were super dry enough so I'm not sure how that can affect the rope more, but I'm not the chemist and so many people requested it. So now I need to plan a year long test and see if it makes a difference.

See our contaminated slackline VIDEO where we tested 16 contaminates and where I also tested pee in this VIDEO!


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