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G7 Portaledge Review

20-25 bag fills

If you are going to get a portaledge, especially one filled with air, we figured it would be nice to see it work and see when it doesn't. First half of the video is actually using the G7 Pod on El Capitan. It took 20-25 bag fills to fill it up. You don't blow it up with your mouth but with the stuff sack it's stored in.


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Sea to summit valve

It has a sea to summit valve which allows the bag to connect securely. You can also deflate it quickly with the orange tab which is secured to the back lip so it doesn't accidentally come open.

Get level or it's not comfortable. You adjust it with the sewn loops at the top.

Several doubled up modes

When you have two, you can use one for shade during the hottest part of the day. Tilt one for lounge mode. Create a double decker if you don't want to cuddle with your partner, just don't let the top person pee on the bottom person. Or just do it normal and sleep side by side. If you step on the outer ledge, it doesn't pivot up throwing you out of the ledge because it is squishy, something you can't do with a normal ledge.

Stable, even when standing on outside ledge

Lab Tests

Taking a knife to one of the most expensive pieces of climbing gear out there made me shed a tear. But I discovered something very important! Don't use the cleaning alcohol wipe it comes with before the patch unless you have hours to let it dry. Even when it looks dry your patch won't stick.

This won't stick with any alcohol residue on the ledge, don't use cleaning wipe
Patches work great if it's dry

It was shocking how hard it was to puncture it. They have a great warranty if it got truly damaged.

2 year, no questions asked warranty.

We are confident in our products, so we stand behind the POD with this simple promise — we will repair or replace your POD. No questions asked, no fine print, no BS.

The POD is really durable, it’s not indestructible. You cannot stand on it with crampons, you cannot stab it with a knife, but you can use it on a bigwall as a ledge to belay from, sit on, sleep, and rest.

This is what the inside looks like

Even if you pop it, and can't patch it (which is unlikely) you still have a place to sleep until you get down to properly fix it back up.

Hammock mode

The loops rated for 0kN broke at 4kN.

What's Next

I rode this thing like a magic carpet

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