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Haul Bag Drop Test

Sometimes you swing bags while big walling. Sometimes you drop them as rope swing dummys. When and how do they break? The straps were stronger than I thought and the bottom blew out after 4 attempts of shockloading it at forces that would wreck you.

Our 4th test is what finally blew out the bottom

Our Results:

All drops were 1.5-1.8 fall factors

1st drop - 120lbs/54kg at 11.80kN

2nd drop - 175lbs/80kg at 15.76kN

3rd drop - 275lbs/125kg broke cross loaded carabiner at 9.9kN

4th drop - 275lbs / 125kg blew out bottom at 12.94

I feel better throwing bags off cliffs now! But don't do this if people are under you!

Slow Pulls

We slow pulled what we could apart. We got 1-5 kN but if you daisy the short handles, do it around the main straps since we got those to fail at 2.38kN and a tiny shockload in the right situation could bust those. Try not to drop all your gear on other people!

No No No

Yes it is stronger than I thought, but it's not an anchor extender. Don't trust your life to haul bag straps like this post found on instagram. This might be over the top ridiculous but if you are in your portaledge, below your haul bag, you might be tempted to clip to the bag with your personal anchor. Only do this if you are directly tied in with the rope! Bags are not life supporting.

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What's Next?

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