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How Long Can You Safely Leave A Permanent Slackline Set Up?

How safe is your webbing if you permanently leave it set up. Wade Desai and Marshall Leaver from Steel City Slackers have a perma-line up in west virginia and when they replaced the webbing, Wade sent it to me and I tested it. It had a segment connection in the middle, it was up for 2 full seasons, I tested the sewn loops and the most used parts of the webbing. Until I finish the website with the new blog system, here are the results:


FYI: In all samples, the webbing broke in the back of the weblock.

#1 - Backup 17.32kN

#2 - Backup 17.34kN

#3 - Backup 13.37kN!?!?!

#4 - Backup 20.64kN #5 - Untensioned main line 20.53kN

#6 - Main Line 20.42kN

#7 - Main Line 17.82kN

#8 - Main Line 18.44kN

#9 - Main - part in weblock 20.26kN

#10 - Main - most used part 20.31kN

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Behind the Scenes

This episode took an entire year. Wade was busy then sent it. I was busy when I got it. The backup breaking lower took a while to confirm that was labeled correctly. I didn't explain things in the lab so it needed narration which takes a lot more work and a pre-edit before I can do that. Wade filmed and sent the intro you saw in the video 3 different times because audio issues. However, it was a good test and worth sharing. In our testing, it's not as exciting as discovering something dangerous or confirming you are absolutely safe, but it's nice to see that it slightly degrades after a few seasons and it's prudent to replace the gear occasionally. This is one of many tests that have been done on permanent slacklines and most of the time, they are super good enough.

After Posting Thoughts

The buying guide in the 2nd half was an experiment to see if that was worth attaching to the end of a video vs making its own video about it. 20% of people ended up watching until the end which is more than I expected. I typically have 33% watching all the way through. The comments have more weight that then analytics so be sure to leave your feedback. More people said to separate it than to combine it and I feel the same way. I was willing to try the combo because I had too many videos I had to get out and I try not to post more than 2 or 3 times in a week.

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