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How NOT 2 Film A Course

We just filmed 9 days straight, 30 hours of course footage to be cut down into 12x 1 hour videos for How NOT 2 Big Wall. Like everything I do, it took twice as long and was 4x as hard as I was expecting but this time I was super lucky.

  • Jeremiah LeTourneau was great partner to film with, he was fresh off a season of big walling, had the energy it takes to film a course and is a high school teacher so he knows how to share information in the format I typically do on HowNOT2.

  • I got to use a climate and sound controlled area to film. Brent Roth let us use his fancy wall that we filmed the canyon course for this course, and he was even out of town the time we were there.

  • We got great weather to go film at Index to do real rock examples which 10x the film value of the footage.

  • And instead of 4 days, we were able to get to spend 9 days together to get everything we needed.

I find filming with someone feels like a natural conversation but as soon as anyone is alone with the camera in their face they don't sound natural, even myself. The results of this course is better than the canyon course because I'm also an expert on the topic but I still feel like there is value if I'm not an expert on the topic to help guide the expert and keep them sounding natural.

Organizing footage as I went was so critical and makes the entire thing feel less overwhelming. We also had a dozen google doc pages worth of notes to make sure we covered what we wanted. But what makes this so powerful, is utilizing the Bolting Bible format of being able to constantly update it and not just be stuck with whatever I have when I hit publish. So by creating this film week the BIG WALL BIBLE, it took the pressure off of needing to be perfect. However, instead of other people's content first, then ours; we are putting our content first and then adding other people's content. This could be a powerful format for getting all the great tips and tricks out there by those without a social media presence who would be willing to write a paragraph or shot a 2 minute video.

This A-Z content keeps getting better and I could see many many "courses" with "bibles" that are constantly being updated and becoming a massive resource over the next few years.


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