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How NOT to use a Ronin Lift Power Ascender! Must watch before buying or using it for the first time

I almost bought a Ronin Lift Power Ascender for a climbing project and I would have ended up using the wrong rope which not only sucks to damage the Ronin and also your rope BUT if it shreds the rope and you are on a single rope system, then you die. Don't die because you didn't read the instructions! Mark Hanna obviously repairs them but also is an authorized retailer and you can buy them from his WEBSITE. This episode is not sponsored and I have no affiliate link with the Ronin. I was asked many times to make a video about them and Mark had good stories about what not to do.

Behind the Scene

Bobby Hutton and I were doing our Sprat Level 1 and Mark Hanna, with all of his toys, had the Ronin. He seemed to know a lot about it and people asked about it and sometimes I just put a little mental note in my brain when you request tests and then when I see an opportunity I pounce. This was such a great episode because there is no reason to break test it, other people basically already did and to be able to see the guts I think really helps people understand what they are trusting their life too.

After Posting Thoughts

Overall really positive feedback and wow, what a deep rabbit hole industrial tools are. I bet I could start an entire 2nd channel posting 2x a week just doing what I do on rope access stuff. Maybe someday!


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