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Ice Screw Break Tests in Iceland

How strong are ice screws? Plenty strong enough, but the question is more about how strong is the ice. We did 9 tests in this video and found the aluminum hangers on the Petzl Laser Speed breaks at 14kN, long 21cm screws are stronger than a carabiner, and of course that screws in tension hold better than when placed in shear, like so many tests in the past have confirmed.

Chart by Ryan Riegner

LineScale 3's are finally in stock. I don't recommend using them to break stuff but they are great for live loads on your projects. You can get our discount code and the link HERE

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Behind the Scenes

We planned for 6 months and finally went to Iceland to test ice and do an ice rope swing. We went in April, 2021 and filmed this, edited it in June over two weeks to make it super tight and entertaining and then painstakingly sat on it until it was seasonally relevant for when winter started. This was a fun one and we learned how to generate almost 30kN with just pulleys, when the Linescale3 screen starts to get really mad. Only recently did we learn how not to break the LS3s 😂 . This "Mechanical Advantage is a Myth" episode was literally me testing different systems out for this very video.

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