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The Big Wall Bible Is Coming Soon!

Your Guide to Epic Big Walls Without Epics

HowNOT2 Course

The lightest but most useful thing you can take up a big wall is knowledge. Welcome to a resource that will help you be successful in getting up big rocks. Big walling is a big topic so we broke it into bite size "pitches" with a video to START each one. The aim is to have lots of videos, photos and written content in each section, not just of our stuff but your stuff as well. Imagine all the good stuff on mountain project with none of the bad - we call this revolutionary idea "a middleman". See HowNOT2 contribute your beta below.

There are 12 main sections that cover the topic A-Z and we will guide you to them in this "textbook". Consider each blog we send you to as "chapters" and they will always point to the next place you should go. Treat this page as a topo for the overall course.

The Big Wall Bible Is Coming Soon!

First video comes out Sept 7, 2022


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