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Jeremiah LeTourneau

Jeremiah LeTourneau is a high school math teacher and climbs 300 days a year. He rocks the van life in minus 45 degree winters in Minnesota. Jeremiah first started watching Hownot2 back in 2019 when Ryan started transitioning from highline-only material to climbing material. It was during Jeremiah's 5 year training and research of big wall climbing. It wasn’t soon after Ryan did the lead climbing fall forces VIDEO that Jeremiah was inspired to start incorporating it into his high school math Statistics curriculum. He shared a few photos with Ryan to show the value and impact that all his human and gear testing made and how helpful it was to eliminate the gear fear that we’ve all had at one point. It was a photo from the back of his class room, showing all his students watching. That was the day Ryan started to eliminate the freely used F word in all of the videos knowing his audience was much broader than he originally realized. July of 2019 Jeremiah reached out to Ryan and asked for personal mentorship when it comes to big walling, but there is a huge learning curve for a new person that Ryan didn't want to relive. Big walling was serious and Ryan was more into highline projects at the time. Jeremiah kept reading and practicing and in April 2020, finally felt ready to do his first Big Wall, but for some unknown reason to many people in South Dakota, Yosemite shut its borders and delayed the itinerary. Finally in summer of 2021 Jeremiah got to go to Yosemite Valley and after so many big wall blue balls, crushed The Prow, West Face of Leaning Tower, Lurking Fear and the Nose. It was at this time that Jeremiah and Ryan finally met in person after many phone calls about projects and ideas. Ryan wanted to free solo 80% of Royal arches as so tagged along as a loose 3rd wheel to Eric Odegaard and Jeremiah while periodically top rope soloing their rope. Ryan discovered Jeremiah had an enormous amount of book knowledge of big walling and it was translating to successful big walling. This was when HowNOT2 was laying a foundation of A-Z content in the main sports covered on the channel and it made a lot of sense to make a video series in detail about big walling. Being that Jeremiah was a high school teacher and explained things well and had a hand full of walls with a very different approach and experience than Ryan had, he was the perfect person to co-host a big wall course. June 2022, Jeremiah Solo Aided South Face Washington column, making a 16 hour run up Regular North west face of half dome, led 32 of 33 pitches on Salathe and made a 1 night 2 day push up Zodiac with a team of three. He drove straight to Washington to meet Ryan and spent 9 days of perfect climbing weather filming the big wall series for the Big Wall Bible. He continues to help add content for the written portion of that course today. Find him on Instagram at @WallStreakJourney

Jeremiah LeTourneau is a high school math teacher and climbs 300 days a year. He rocks the van life in minus 45 degree winters in...

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