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Getting down from Big Walls is dangerous


Rappelling Big Wall Bible Rapelling The lightest but most useful thing you can take up a big wall is knowledge. Welcome to a resource that will help you be successful in getting up big rocks. Big walling is a big topic so we broke it into bite-size "pitches" with a video to START each one. The aim is to have lots of videos, photos, and written content in each section, not just of our stuff but your stuff as well. See HowNOT2 contribute your beta below. Our courses are A-Z content in blog format, glued together with an overarching blog we call a textbook. A blog format is easy to read, easy to update, and easy to translate. Be sure to begin at the TEXTBOOK and at the end of each episode we'll point you to the next. Leading may appear to be the riskiest part of climbing and give you the most adrenaline but rappelling potentially causes many more deaths. In mountaineering, how many times have you heard of people summiting only to die on the way down. When you get to the top, you are only half done. Also, if you don't practice after watching this big wall series, then you need the tools to bail off your route. You can't just rappel like normal climbing, you have a giant bag or two to get off the rock as well. WHEN to Bail While your brain still works, not after it fully shuts down. Rappelling Fixed Lines They can be thick and have knots isolating core shots you may have to pass. Knots and Third Hands Prusiks and stopper knots make rappelling safer-ish. Crazy article I'll write more later!!!!! I got some GREAT photos and POV videos of rappelling with a bag and two people on two bolt anchors a few months ago. I can add a ton of value to this chapter and I plan on making this way more thorough but GGBY festival took more rigging days than planned and I ran out of time to write this up before the deadline. Sign up for our emails on our HOME PAGE and I'll let you know when I make progress on this. 10% Supports HowNOT2 Get 90% of your big walling gear here. This leads you to a detailed buying guide. HowNOT2 Contribute Please send video, image, or words, that is respectful to other view points and helpful to Big Wall education. Please be kind by delivering something ready to add and tell us where you think it best fits. We'd also like to link to anything you found helpful online. Maintaining the quality of this resource is important so please submit something worthy of 100,000 people seeing it. We reserve the right to not post what you send us. What's Next? This course is free but not free to make. If it really helped you, please consider SUPPORTING US.

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