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6mm vs 7mm Accessory Cord Strength Difference Is HUGE

6mm vs 7mm Accessory Cord jumps in strength a huge amount compared to other diameters. If you are using tiny rope for anchors or rigging, you really need to know you can rely on the strength ratings. We broke 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm to see how much each jumped in strength.

Thank you Alpine Savvy for helping us with this episode!

6mm vs 7mm is rate at a 73% jump in strength???

We did see a bigger jump between 6mm and 7mm but it was 55% not 73%. We only did 3 samples of each but it verifies something we don't know is at play here to get a bigger strength difference between those diameters than the other ones.

Please don't use accessory cords for rappelling or other activities that single-rated ropes are intended for. These are great for anchor building and miscellaneous use even if they do hold 2,000lbf in a lab setting!

What's Next?

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