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How to rig a 2km long highline with 30 people in Asbestos Quebec Canada

How on earth does a 2km long highline get rigged? Watch the process on this episode. The world record long slackline was in Asbestos, Canada set up by Les Funambules Modernes.

Thank you Michael Madsen (@magicmikeadventures) for the drone footage and Nick McPhearson (@nickgoeswild) for editing. Dany Bouchard (@danybchard), Heidi Blais (@heidiblais), Spencer Seabrooke (@spencerseabrooke), Mia Noblet (@mianoblet), Lukas Irmler (@lukasirmler), Camille Langlois-Barriere (@that_girl_with_the_sunflowers), Liz Thomas (@lizasouras) Julien Desforges, Anthony Boulay, Renaud Vézeau, Ludovic Tardif, Michael Madsen, Ari DeLashmutt, et Caël Trudeau-Cauchon, Mat Bas Félix Paradis, Nicolas Husson, Matthieu Plante, Karine Lequy, Thierry Leroux, Adiact Valladares, Dominic Bouchard, Danick Pellerin, Cinthia Duc, Fabioloshky Martinez, Axl Ch, Maxime Pelletier, Audrey Noémie, Matthew McMillan, Ryan Jenks, Heidi Blais, Thomas Courtois.


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