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Bobby Hutton

Bobby met Ryan in the Spring of 2019 at Cosumnes River Gorge. He wandered by Ryan's team after they were cleaning up from testing highline main failures seen HERE. Bobby asked about the glue they used for their bolts, and it turned out Bobby was the first climber Ryan ran into that had read the Bolting Bible. Ryan wrote the Bolting Bible with highliners in mind. At that point, they both felt they had read everything available online about bolting, and when Ryan suggested doing some testing in HowNOT2, he was immediately supportive. Thus Bolt Busters was born. Being shy, Bobby worked very hard to stay behind the camera. It was at least a year before Ryan convinced him to say stuff in front of the viewers. He would like to claim some of the blame for shifting the focus of the channel to rock climbing and other sports, not highlining. When not helping to develop content, Bobby works a variety of jobs including rock climbing instructor, challenge course facilitator, and Grip. He also has his SPRAT level 1 as seen in this VIDEO. His favorite hobby is developing new climbing near his home in the Sierra Nevada, Northern California.

Bobby and Ryan text almost daily about content to be made or how to make a title engaging without it being cringing clickbait. They film episodes in batches so Bobby ends up appearing in about half of all the episodes, although they only see each other 4-6x per year. Sometimes Bobby will even go down to the lab solo and break stuff he has collected or things people have sent in via our "Send us your stuff" program.

In April 2021, a week after filming 100 bolt break tests on a long weekend, Bobby went climbing and slipped on some 4th class and fell 100 feet and broke a whole bunch of stuff on his body. The interview about that is HERE. He kept coming to the lab and would still get involved in the break tests. He is back to climbing and bolting a year later.

He has added a ton of value to the channel and insights coming from a different perspective as a climbing instructor and active route developer.

Find every episode Bobby has ever been in on our HERE


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