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Are Girth Hitches Dangerous?!

I tested over 27 girth hitches in 5 different configurations with John Godino from Alpine Savvy This topic is one of the most engaging on his page so we thought we would explore it with both nylon and dyneema. I was shocked that the dyneema did better than the nylon in a few of the cases. "But what about shock loading it???" We did that too.

Test Configurations

  1. Girth hitching directly to a hanger

  2. Girth hitch something more round like a rappel ring or a carabiner

  3. Girth hitching 2 slings together

  4. Girth hitch master points

I can't believe how low the nylon sling was on a hanger, I thought the dyneema was going to be weaker. The low sling to sling nylon result at 11.44kn was because it was already compromised, but that is awesome to see the limits of a sling that is halfway cut through. The nylon drop tests did NOT break or slip at 14kn, that's just the highest result we got.

What's Next?

Listen to an hour long podcast with John Godino


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