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Highlining 101: Section 5 of 7 - Highline Etiquette

“Don’t be THAT guy (or gal)”


Episode 5 of 7

This is a free course shows you how to use a highline that is already set up. Our courses are A-Z content in blog format, glued together with an overarching blog we call a textbook. A blog format is easy to read, easy to update, and easy to translate. Be sure to begin at the TEXTBOOK and at the end of each episode we'll point you to the next.

Not everything you do will kill you, but you could lose friends over some things. Learn how to take care of people’s gear, how to tie off the leash when you are not using it, and the expectations of each member of a highline team or an attendee of a highline festival in this Etiquette subject.

Etiquette Tips:

  • Don’t step on people’s gear, unless you are highlining of course! Stepping on gear that is laying on the ground can damage it prematurely.

  • Secure your leash to the anchor when you untie. Leashes can slide to the middle of highlines making you quite unpopular.

  • When you borrow a line slide (Hangovers/Rollex), RETURN THEM as soon as possible. They are not cheap or convenient to purchase, and they grow legs easily if loaned out. Go out of your way to return what you borrow.

  • Some line slides have tiny spaces in between the wheels, make sure you don’t get the webbing caught inside, called “Flossing”, because it can damage the webbing. Be sure the roller is flat on the webbing.

  • The knot at the ring(s) should never be half done. If you touch it, adjust it, mess with it, change it, or loosen it… then make sure it is 100% done. Oftentimes people don’t think to check that knot and should never be left half finished.

  • Leave no trace! Our highlines should be in better condition after you leave, than how you found them. Pick up trash, don’t drop things while highlining, avoid glass, etc.

  • Everyone should contribute. Please don’t show up empty handed. Bring food, water, stoke, carry stuff, or take photos or offer back rubs. If you can’t rig that is fine, but please find a way to contribute.

  • Please have good conduct, especially when there is a crowd. Don’t do drugs publicly, crank your music or yell swear words while other people are watching. It is already difficult to get access and acceptance, so please represent well.

  • Respect how much effort it takes to be a trip leader and make their life easier. Don’t be entitled, or act like a consumer. Please help, and help where it is helpful.

While hiking down upper Yosemite falls trail, Kim Weglin, Garrison Rowland and I picked up all the trash you see on the blue tarp for Andy Lewis’s #trashbagchallenge. Let's make areas better than we found them so our world stays beautiful.


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