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Locking Carabiner Showdown

We broke 8 carabiners in a bracketed system. They all broke above MBS or Minimum Breaking Strength that is printed on the spine of the carabiner. It's fun to watch things break! This video focuses on HMS carabiners or the pear shaped ones and most of that type if not all, are locking carabiners. These carabiners have different gates and we show them to you before breaking them. It's a hybrid between a buying guide and teaching what HMS lockers are and just pure edutainment. I think it helps trust carabiners you trust your life to, when you see HOW they break, not just a number printed on the side.

Behind the Scenes

The first carabiner showdown sounded like a good idea that was simple and easy to test. It was wildly popular. I had 3 cameras running non-stop and that took over 20 hours to edit. I think the combo of a new idea and a well edited video made it popular. Repeating the videos but with locking carabiners was also worth doing but I think transition to a bracketed system is more complex than just putting them straight in line and pulling.

After Posting Thoughts

People evenly shared they liked straight in line pulls and the bracket system. I think doing them straight in line proved to be more popular but it is harder to showcase each carabiner one at a time without it taking up 5+ minutes of the video before the first snap. I may want to do micro mini carabiners because they don't look strong but they are.

We did the other bracketed carabiner break test for March Madness

Here is our first carabiner showdown video


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