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How NOT 2 Rope Swing

HowNOT2 Course

Rigging, Jumping and Hauling Rope Swings

Social media makes rope swinging look soooooo cool but all you see is a jumper tied to some ropes and it might inspire you to go try it. Little do you know how complex it can be but it sure is. Before HowNOT2 videos, there was no information online about it.

Ryan Jenks is the host of this project but it's not just his way of rigging. He invites many rope swing experts to come to the table to share their secrets. This is a BIG DEAL. Prior to 2018 this was NOT how rope swing culture was. It was cowboy. Your secrets didn't leave the group. If they did, you shared only enough to let them know you were good at it but not enough for them to be successful. Now it's different. Welcome to How NOT 2 Rope Swing.

Warning!: Rope Jumping is inherently dangerous and some of the baddest asses have died doing it, like Lucky Chance and Dan Osman for example. It can also result in serious injuries, NOT just death! The information in this guide is to be used at your own risk. You solely are responsible for your actions and decisions. The information in this guide is meant to help take the mystery out of some of the systems but at the same time, overwhelm you with how much complexity goes into a rope swing. Please go with an expert the first time you go rope swinging! Maybe the 2nd time too...


Tables of Contents



Let's Jump Back for a Moment

There are two lessons you need to walk away with from this course, so let's get them out of the way now:

FIRST LESSON: What's worse than dying on your rope swing? Someone else dying on your rope swing! If you die, it's lights out, and worst case you are considered a dumb ass and best case you are immortalized forever as OG. Either way, chances are it was quick. Try not to die. BUT if you rigged something wrong and someone else died on your rope swing, that's a whole other issue.

  1. You feel reallllllll baaaaad about it.

  2. If it's commercial in any way you're probably in biiiiiig trouble

  3. Areas get shut down

  4. You feel bad about it some more

SECOND LESSON: Always go 2nd. This doesn't contradict the first lesson. This means you need to throw a bag of rocks first. If heavy enough it tests how close you are to the ground but also your trajectory so you don't swing back into the cliff.

How This Course is Rigged

1ST SECTION: zoomed out big picture considerations. All the sexy stuff before you ever show up to jump off cliffs because all your friends do.

2ND SECTION: Each chapter is an expert sharing their systems. IT'S GOLD! This is a big deal in rope swing culture. The primary video is podcast-style videos where each expert(s) share their systems and below that is a written version of thier systems and thoughts. The categories of each chapter includes:

  1. Anchors and Span

  2. Fulcrum and Ropes

  3. The Exit Process

  4. Hauls and Jugging

  5. Accidents and Rescues

Defining the Niche

This is NOT bungee jumping. We are discussing jumping off cliffs with climbing ropes and you really don't want to do that without a swing involved to avoid shock loads. A swing introduces other risks like hitting things like Tarzan.


Practice (Almost) Everything At Home

You can rig an entire rope swing in the park, you just can't jump it. You are insane if you go out for the first time without ever putting all the pieces together in the comfort of safety.

Prep Like Your Life Depends On It

Put everything together that you can at home. If you forget something, you'll be tempted to ghetto rig an alternative, and compromises begin.


Know the spot you plan on jumping. Study the area. Who owns it and is it legal? How will you set anchors? Will anyone care if you do that? Is the cliff positive? Do you haul to the side or back to the exit?

Hope for fun, Plan for Rescue

You're playing Russian roulette with gravity in all your chambers and rock in 1. At the very least have a conversation about a hypothetical rescue plan. The best case would be to practice rescue and take a WFR course.

How NOT 2 Rig

Chapter 1 - Ryan Jenks

A nerd who never stops asking questions. Ryan Jenks organizes over a dozen of his videos about the topic into one chapter.

Chapter 2 - Logan Henning

Solo highline rigging world record holder, Logan Henning has rigged dozens of rope swings and jumped thousands of people. Here are his methods.

Chapter 3 - Andy Lewis

His nickname is Sketchy so if he has warnings, you probably want to hear them out. Andy and Sylvan have a LOT of stories and are OG AF.

Get Connected

Join the Facebook group where rope jump enthusiasts get nerdy.

Don't die

Our definition of an expert is one who rigged 2 more more rope swings and didn't die. Please don't watch a few youtube videos and read a blog on the internet and think you can go try this on your own. Please go with someone who knows what they are doing the first few times you rope swing and always go 2nd.... or 3rd. Never last... get it?

What's Next?

Chapter 1: How NOT 2 Rig with Ryan Jenks

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